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Benefits of Taking Fido to the Groomer

November 1 2018
Is your canine pal due for a bath? Fido is very adorable, but he can get pretty dirty and, well, a bit stinky. Many people choose to bathe their dogs at home. However, you may want to consider taking your pet to a salon. In this article, a Benson, NC vet discusses some key benefits of having your pooch professionally groomed.

Less Mess

It’s probably safe to say that baths aren’t one of Fido’s favorite things. In fact, some of our furry patients run and hide at the mere mention of the dreaded B-word! Doggy bathtime isn’t much fun for you, either. You may end up soaking wet, with a bathroom covered in fur. Taking your pooch to the salon means less muss and fuss for you.


Did you know that overgrown nails are uncomfortable for dogs? If Fido’s claws are too long, they’ll make walking and running uncomfortable. Your pet may change his stride to compensate. This puts a lot of stress on his bones and joints! If you’re uneasy about cutting your pup’s nails, consider getting it done at the groomer’s.

Doggy ‘Do

Our canine companions come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Some pooches are more comfortable with haircuts, especially in summer. Take your furry friend to the groomer for his ‘do. An improper or incorrect cut can cause long-term problems with Fido’s skin and/or coat. You definitely don’t want that!

Medical Grooming

Some pooches need specific procedures done, such as anal gland expression or ear hair trims. If your vet advises you that Fido needs a little extra TLC in the grooming department, take him to a groomer. These things should only be done by professionals.

Wellness Check

A trip to the groomer’s should never replace a veterinary appointment. However, most professional groomers have practiced eyes, and may spot things like lesions, bumps, or parasites, which require medical attention. The earlier an issue is caught and treated, the better!

Double Duty

If you have Fido groomed at the vet’s, you may be able to get two birds with one stone. When your furry buddy is finished with his appointment, he’ll not only be current on his wellness care, he’ll also be soft and clean! Do you need to make an appointment for your dog? We offer excellent grooming services. Please contact us, your Benson, NC vet clinic, anytime.

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