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Holiday Kitty Care

December 1 2018
The holidays are officially upon us! Your cat will no doubt enjoy the holidays in her own way, and will be paying close attention as you prepare for seasonal events. Read on as a local Benson, NC vet offers some advice on spending the holidays with Fluffy.


As far as Fluffy is concerned, anything small enough to bat at or pounce on is a toy. Keep your furry pal’s safety in mind as you decorate. Ribbons, tinsel, ornament hooks, light strands, and anything small or sharp is a potential hazard. Pine needles are also dangerous, as are many seasonal plants, such as poinsettias and lilies. Better safe than sorry!

The Tree

A tree hung with shiny objects is going to be pretty irresistible to Fluffy. Keep your frisky feline in mind as you are decorating the tree. You’ll want to put the majority of the ornaments on the top part of the tree. Only hang a few non-breakable ornaments on the bottom part. Try to avoid putting the tree near anything your pet can use to jump off, like a sofa or chair. If you have a super frisky furball, use fishing line to secure the tree top to the wall.


Those yummy seasonal meals are a big part of many seasonal traditions. Give your cat some plain, cooked meat, fish, or chicken with the skin, bones, and fat removed. Fluffy can also have a can of plain tuna in water, some shredded deli meat, or some cat milk, which you can find in stores.


While some kitties are very friendly, and will see your guests as extra laps to snooze in, others are very timid, and may get uneasy when you have people over. If your furball is a scaredy-cat, put her in a quiet back room with food, toys, treats, a comfy bed, and a litterbox when you have company.


Fluffy definitely deserves some gifts of her own! Get her some new toys, or perhaps a comfy new bed. Your kitty may also enjoy a thermal blanket, some cat furniture, a scratching post, or a small pot of catnip or cat grass. For bonus purrs, give your feline buddy some empty boxes to play in once everyone has finished opening their gifts. Happy Holidays! Please reach out to us, your Benson, NC vet clinic, anytime. We are always happy to help.

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Holiday Kitty Care

The holidays are officially upon us! Your cat will no doubt enjoy the holidays in
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