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Caring For a Fluffy Cat

April 15 2019
Do you have a longhaired kitty? We think all cats are adorable, but super fluffy furballs are extra cute. It can be difficult for Fluffy to manage all that pretty fur, however, so you may want to give your pet a helping hand. Read on as a Dunn, NC vet offers tips on caring for fluffy cats.

Chubby Furballs

More than half of our feline friends are overweight or obese. Pudgy pets often have a harder time reaching their entire bodies when they groom themselves. If Fluffy is, well, not just fluffy, she’ll need daily brushings. For health reasons, we also recommend putting your kitty on a healthy, vet-approved diet, to help her lose weight. This is also good for her health!


While you generally don’t have to bathe cats, long-haired kitties may benefit from monthly beauty sessions. Be sure to use warm—not hot—water and shampoos made just for cats. You may also want to consider taking Fluffy to the groomer.


A good diet is important for many reasons, but it’s absolutely crucial to your furry friend’s coat health. Make sure that Fluffy is getting all of the nourishment she needs, including fatty acids and Omega 3 and 6 oils. Good nutrition will keep your kitty’s coat shiny and healthy. It will also reduce the amount of hair she sheds, which will in turn reduce the amount of hairballs you find. Speaking of hairballs, your vet may also recommend giving your pet a hairball remedy. Ask for recommendations.


Longhaired cats sometimes get dirt and fecal matter stuck to their bottoms. Consider trimming a bit of the fur on your kitty’s behind. Be sure to use blunt-end scissors!

Pamper Your Senior

The older your furball gets, the harder it will be for her to keep her coat neat and clean. Once Fluffy hits her golden years, get into the habit of brushing her daily.

Breed-Specific Care

If your feline pal is a brachycephalic breed, such as a Persian or Himalayan, she may need a little extra help. These kitties have a lot of hair around their eyes, which often gets tearstained. Get Fluffy used to having her eyes gently cleaned. Just use warm water and a soft cloth or cotton pad. Please contact us, your Dunn, NC vet clinic, for your fluffy cat’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!

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