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To-Do List For Taking Fido To The Groomer

August 1 2019
Do you take your canine pal to the groomer’s? Bringing Fido to the salon is much easier than bathing him yourself. You get to drop your pet off, and pick up a clean, soft pooch a little while later. Read on as a Dunn, NC vet offers a to-do list for bringing your furry buddy to the groomer.

Claws For Thought

Trimming Fido’s nails is very important. However, some dogs are extremely anxious about it. Take time to get your pooch used to having his paws handled. The best way to help Fido get over his fear is to teach him that he’ll get a yummy snack when he gives you his furry foot. It’s best to start this training when your dog is still young, but you can still work with adult dogs.

Keeping Fido Brushed

Dogs all have their own unique grooming needs. However, all of them will benefit from regular brushings. This will remove dead fur and dander from Fido’s coat. It will also help keep knots and tangles from forming on fluffy dogs.

Give Clear Instructions

If you have specific instructions, make sure to give them clearly. Every dog is different! People also have their own preferences about how they want their pets groomed. One person may think their pup looks adorable with a lion cut, while others just want a basic trim. If you want a specific cut, you may want to bring in a picture of it.

Quick Goodbye

We know, it’s not easy leaving that adorable furry face behind. However, if you take too long telling Fido goodbye, you’ll only make it harder for both of you. Keep your farewells short and sweet.

Check With Your Vet

Some dogs may require medical grooming procedures, such as ear hair removal or anal gland expression. However, don’t just assume that your furry pal does or does not need these services. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Be Honest

Dogs all have their own personalities. Our canine pals all wonderful, but that doesn’t mean they are perfect. Let your groomer know if your Fido has anxiety, or if he sometimes gets aggressive or grumpy. The process will go much more smoothly if you are up-front about these things from the start. Do you need to schedule grooming for your pet? Contact us, your Dunn, NC vet clinic, today!

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